Saturday, October 3, 2009

Known Asbestos Worksites

Because asbestos was such a valued and versatile product, it made its way into many worksites throughout the United States. This exposure presents an enormous danger to a broad cross-section of the population, as all of us have been exposed to asbestos at one time or another. Even though asbestos has been phased out of many worksites since the 1980s, millions suffered prior exposure multiple times every day.
A few common worksites where asbestos concentration is highest include:
Most people are surprised when they learn where asbestos is found.
Asbestos manufacturers– obvious sources of asbestos exposure, including the surrounding towns, ecosystems, and water supplies used by the plant.
Automobile parts manufacture and repairparticularly of brakes, gaskets, and clutches that used asbestos in their linings to reduce heat damage caused by friction.
Shipbuilding– in supplies used for insulation and welding materials.
Oil Refineriesneed substantial asbestos containment materials to prevent potential fire hazards.
Power Plants– Asbestos was used to insulate the thousands of incoming and outgoing wires and to reduce heat damage to delicate electronic systems.
Construction Sitesused asbestos for protection for welders and in insulation. Modern cement also contains significant asbestos.
Cement Plants– Cement contains asbestos to provide strength and also heat insulation.

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